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Create Icon to Shutdown your Computer

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Shutdown your PC or Computer with just a click from the Desktop. Follow these steps to create a Shortcut Icon to Shutdown PC and change the Icon.

Follow these Instruction to create Shutdown PC Icon:

  • Right click on Desktop and choose New > Shortcut
  • Type Shutdown -s and click Next
  • Now type the file name you want to have. For Example: Shutdown PC
  • Click Finish
  • Click on the Icon to your PC

Changing the Icon of Shutdown PC:

  • Right click on the Icon and choose Properties 
  • Under the Shortcut Tab click on Change Icon button
  • Click Ok in the Prompt
  • A list Icons will appear, choose any Icon and click Ok
  • Click Apply and then Ok on Shutdown PC Properties
  • Now click on the Icon to Shutdown your PC

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