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Remove Unnecessary Programs from Starting up with your computer

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Many programs are designed to start up with your computer, even though there is no reason why they need to or should. This takes potentially valuable time to start your computer as well as using up memory unnecessarily. There is really very little that needs to start up when you turn on your computer. Obviously all the Windows Operating system-related items, firewall and anti-virus programs has to be enabled in Startup, but that should be about it most of the time. However if you prefer to have Third Party Applications to load on Startup, you can enable them and disable the ones which you don't want to start when you turn the computer on.

Steps to Disable Startup Entries:

  •  Click Start and then click Run
  • Type MSCONFIG and Hit enter
  • Click on the Startup Tab
  • Under the tab, you will have list of Startup Entries
  • Uncheck the Startup items you don't wish to have and click Apply and the OK
  • Restart the computer

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