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How to Manage your Documents and Files with Libraries in Windows 7

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With the old editions of Windows like XP and Vista, it can be a tiresome job to manage documents, photos, music etc that are present in different directories on the hard drives. The new feature named Libraries in Windows 7 helps you to organize all your folders from different locations in the hard drives in a single place.

Follow these steps to use default Libraries in Windows 7:

  • To access the Libraries in the computer, click on Start.
  • Click your user name to open your personal folder.

  • Click on Libraries in the left pane. You will be able to see the 4 default Libraries: Documents, Videos, Pictures and Music.

  • Libraries in Windows 7 reveal files stored in different hard drives of the computer. This is what a Music Library looks like.  

  • You can make your own Library in addition to the ones that already exist.  


How to Make Your Own Libraries in Windows 7: 

  • Click on the New Libraries button in the left pane.
  • A new Library will come up simply like a new folder.
  • Label your new Library. 

  • As you go into your new Library, you can add new files, documents, as well as new folders

  • In order to add new folder locations to the Library, you just have to click on the hyperlink that displays the present number of locations.

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