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 Computer Security:


Depending on what is kept on a particular laptop, lack of proper security precautions allows a thief to easily acquire such information as personal book keeping files, documents containing passwords, addresses, as well as employee and customer information stored on company laptops.

There are a number of tools available, both commercial and open source that enable a user to circumvent passwords for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Passwords provide a basic security measure for files stored on a laptop, though combined with disk encryption software they can reliably protect data against unauthorized access. Remote Laptop Security (RLS) is available to confidently secure data even when the laptop is not in the owner's possession. With Remote Laptop Security, the owner of a laptop can deny access rights to the stolen laptop from any computer with Internet access.

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 You've already lost one laptop, Agent Smith. Your job's on the line if it happens again. Make wise choices this time, and it's mission accomplished.

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