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General Computer Tips

Learn the basic computer tips for tweaking the Computer Performance, Windows Secret Codes, MS Office Tips, Keyboard Shortcuts, Managing Files & Folders, Changing default Computer Settings & Logo's, Sharing Files & Folders, Restricting access to Personal Files & Folders, Hiding Files & Folders and many more...

You can change most of the computer settings and reconfigure the system settings, restrict access to basic programs and application. Changing the Default computer settings and also enhance the computer performance. You may use these tips and if the information provided is above your skill level, please seek assistance from your friends, colleagues or contact us.

 Rename Recycle Bin Rebuild the Icon Cache
 Removing the Recycle Bin Sort Favorites and Start Menu Items Alphabetically
 Creating a New E-Mail Shortcut Shaking Browser
 Hidden Programs of Windows How to restore the windows default icons
 Basic PC Shortcut Keys Removing Shortcut Arrows from Files, Folders and Icons
 Create Nameless Files and Folders Disable Delete Confirmation Dialog Box
 Top 10 Computer Mouse Tips Everyone Should Know Delete typed URL in Internet Explorer
 Change Start Menu and Explorer Options Changing the Default Program Installation Directory
 How to Backup Registry Editor Clear all Windows History files with a single click
 Solve Low Virtual Memory Problems Create Icon to Restart your Computer
 Create Icon to Shutdown your Computer Create Icon to Lock PC or Computer
 How to change the Windows Default Identity How to connect your Home Computer from Remote Location
 Add Your Own Logo To Vista or Win 7 System Properties How to use Bluetooth to connect laptop and cell phone
 How to Backup Installed Drivers of your computer Log off, Restart and Shutdown, connected computer from one location
 How to block any installed application from launching on your computer How to Manage your Documents and Files with Libraries in Windows 7


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