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Tricks To Disable The New Facebook Photo Viewer

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Facebook always launch new features without its user’s consent. They even don’t bother to give an option to revert back to old interfaces. Recent changes Include New  Facebook Photo Viewer and New chat sidebar. Particularly, the New Facebook Photo Viewer which opens a black light-box has irked a lot of users. It seems that Facebook may disable this feature soon due to poor user response but for now we can use some tricks to disable this feature. 

Follow these simple steps to Disable the Photo Viewer:

  • After you click on any image you will notice that whenever the photo opens in New Photo Viewer its URL always ends with &theater
  • Here is URL of a photo that has been opened in New Facebook Photo Viewer

  • Remove &theater and hit enter and that will automatically open in Facebook Classic viewer and you can view the album using Next or Back buttons above photo
  • OR
  • Do a Right click on the Image and choose reload and will automatically open in Facebook Classic viewer.
  • Hopefully Facebook will disable this New Facebook Photo Viewer soon.

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