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Create Nameless Files and Folders

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Creating a Nameless Files or Folders can be helpful if you want to keep your files secure and hidden. This can be more helpful if you are using computer on a Public Network or Sharing computer with your family members, friends or Colleagues.

Follow these simple steps to Create Nameless Files and Folders:

  • Right click on any folder or file and choose Rename
  • Delete the Existing name and then Hold the Alt key and Press 255 or 0160 and the Hit Enter. Note (Do not type the numbers which is above the character keys).
  • Now the Folder or File will be Nameless
  • If you want to create multiple files or folders without any name in the same directory; you can do that but if has to be a different file type.
  • For Example: If you have a nameless Notepad file in "My Documents", you cannot create a new nameless Notepad file in the same directory "My Documents" but it can be a different file type in the same Directory like MS Excel, MS Word Etc.,
  • Also you cannot have more than one Nameless folder in the same directory but you can create as many nameless folders you want but each nameless folder has to be in a different directory or different folders, like "My Documents", "My Music", "My Music/Hollywood or any other location.

Hiding the Folder:

  • Right click on the Nameless Folder and choose Properties
  • Click on Customize Tab and the click on Change Icon as shown in the image below
  •  In the pop-up windows, you will find variety of icons which you can choose
  • Scroll the page and you will find a few icons that are Transparent as shown in the image below
  • Choose any one of these and click Ok
  • Click Apply and Ok from the folder Properties for changes to take effect. 

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