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15 Hilarious Caught Staring Pics

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They say that pictures speak a thousand words, but all of these photos seem to say just one: OOPS! We can't blame these guys for sneaking a quick peek... but we can laugh at them when they get busted.

Justin Chatwin and Eva Amurri
Eva clearly takes after her mother, Susan Sarandon, in the looks (and bust) department. (Photo)

Hello, My Name is Boobies
Hello, Boobies. I am Drunk and Underage. Nice to meet you. (Photo)

Staring Angelina Jolie

Eyes Up Here, Buddy
In his defense, it's hard to look away! (Photo)

How YOU doin'?
U.S. President Barack Obama and French President Nicholas Sarkozy admire the curves of Mayora Tavares. We hate to break it to them -- she was just sixteen at the time. (Photo)

Heyyyy Baby!
This guy's picture should be in the dictionary under "Lecherous Stare!" (Photo)

Caught Starring

John Kerry is Presidential
Here he is getting in touch with America's youth. (Photo)

A Living Barbie Doll In A See-Through Dress?
Can you blame him for staring? (Photo)

Busted Like Beckham
Wonder how much this photo pissed off Posh? (Photo)

Dirty Diddy
"What? I was just looking at Jessica Biel's necklace! Oh... wait." (Photo)

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