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How to block any installed application from launching on your computer

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Block any windows built-in applications or other third party programs from being executed on a target computer. If you want to restrict an application from running your family members and co-workers then AppLocker provides a simple solution to do so. However this tip is very useful for you, if you are sharing your computer with others or you do not want that other persons run all installed applications. This trick will work in nearly all of the windows versions.

AppLocker provides us a complete solution to block any programs from being executed on a target computer. You can download this tool for any windows version using AppLocker Download link. Download it and run the easy setup.



  • After installation, double click on AppLocker icon on your desktop to start the Application Locker software.  Now this application will display the list of computer software programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and many others.
  • Here click on any application check box and then click on Save button to block any software. For example, if you want to block Internet Explorer then select the check box of Internet Explorer and now after saving the change click on Internet Explorer to start it. Here you will get following message:
  •  Now here you can add other application other than the default lock application list, you can lock other programs by clicking the “Configure” button to open the configuration window. Type the caption you want displayed on the ‘Lock application list’. Then, type the programs executable file name and click the ‘Add’ button to add new applications.


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