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How to Backup Registry Editor

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 Registry Editor is an advanced tool for viewing and changing settings in your system registry, which contains information about how your computer runs. Almost the entire settings are stored in the registry. A careless change could cause irreversible damage to the computer. Hence, taking a backup of the registry before editing is Recommended.

Follow these steps to Backup Registry Editor:

  • Click Start and then click Run and type Regedit and Hit enter.
  • From the Registry menu click File and choose Export
  • Choose the Location where you want to Save the Backup file. Example: Desktop
  • Type the file name of your choice. Example: Registry Backup
  • Make sure that the file type while saving it. It should be Registration Files
  • Click Save and Exit the Registry Editor
  • Verify that an icon labeled "Registry Backup" as per the example is on the desktop.

CAUTION: Do not double-click the "Registry Backup" file on the desktop unless you intend to undo the changes you are making to the registry.

NOTE: This method is for Windows 95/98/Me, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It will not work for Windows NT/2000. Windows NT/2000 has additional security protection that prevents this backup from being restored. 

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